3 Coffees or 3 Palm Street Popularity REDUCES Reward The Paradox of Choice The Challenge and Benefit of Being DIFFERENT
Markets Egos & ANCHORS!

One of the most interesting things to observe in the markets is the participants. Despite all our advances in technology, research and understanding of behavioural finance, many people still...

Getting Your Capital To Go VIRAL

The 23rd September 1998 was when Alan Greenspan herded the head of the major Wall Street Investment banks into an emergency meeting. That meeting had one agenda item scheduled for ‘discussion’ –...

Getting Your Capital To Go VIRAL

This was the headline of a marketing poster I saw when I walked into the bank today. It’s also on their website. The message, in my opinion, is to get people (hopefully) to realise they can own an...

Getting Your Capital To Go VIRAL

In the age of the internet, everything seems to happen at light speed. Life is unfolding at a pace which feels faster than ever before. Volatility in the markets is high. It seems the Dow Jones is...

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Meet Our Expert

Brad McFadden

Brad McFadden

Already a successful Fund Manager, Brad was increasingly approached by those let down by market professionals during the market chaos of 2008-2009. They needed help to make sense of the turmoil and rescue their retirement funds. Brad created the Daily Trading Report to answer this need.

With the revolution in online trading, investing and social networking, investing tools previously costing many thousands of dollars per month became available to private investors at little or no cost. Social networks also created new ways for investment ideas to rapidly be discussed and analysed by experts.

Brad created a service that allows private investors not only to access and trade the same strategies used by large institutional fund managers, but also to leverage the benefits of social networking for investors.